Deodorant ~ Acadian Forest

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Product works well. My favorite scent is the smell of the forest and the scent of this product is the closest to the real deal that I have found. I will certainly buy again, as well as other products with this scent.

Thank you for sharing your experience with our Acadian Forest Deodorant <3

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Ryah Aloni
Acadian Forest Deodorant

I really like this product. Just wish the scent was a bit stronger!

Wendy Eberle
Perfect deodorant at last!

I love this stuff. Works perfectly, smells amazing, and so much easier to use & less wasteful than the usual roll-on tubes (where the bottom chunk falls out of the applicator in addition to the wastefulness of the packaging). The Acadian Forest scent takes me back to the Nova Scotia woods until I can get there for real in the summer ❤️.

Hey Wendy

The Acadian Forest Scent is one of my absolute favourites!! Happy to hear the deodorant is working so well for you and is giving you the nostalgia of our beautiful woods <3

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Fresh, mild scent. Works well to control moisture and odours.

It works!

Your deodorant has stood up to a hot, muggy city summer and that's saying something! Thanks for a great product

Hello Sheilagh,

Wow! That is super impressive! We are glad its working so well for you. :)

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