As a baby in 1962 I was brought to my ancestral home on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. In the years following I spent many happy summers here with my force of nature great grandmother, Nanny Baw.

How I loved our times together . . . going off to swim & bike with my cousins, learning how to play cards like a proper shark from Nanny & her cool old lady friends, becoming skilled at handicrafts & cooking from scratch, & every night tucking into my cozy feather bed with the little green transistor radio ❤

Each morning I made the bed by flipping & flipping & flipping the mattress until it was all puffed up. Laundry days were my favourite! On those days I carefully spread the sheets (sometimes made of old flour sacks!), which had lovingly been ironed by Nanny after the wind had blown them dry. Then, when it was time to sleep I would oh SO carefully perch at the foot of the bed, turn my body so I faced the foot & then FLOP straight backward into a nest of crisp, sun-sweetened sheets encasing the squishy feathers. Oh, how that memory lives on in all of my senses & especially in my heart ❤

Nanny Baw with Leigh, her siblings & cousins at Bat's Abode, Port Hillford, Nova Scotia on the great big picnic table.

Now, as a Nana myself, my heart is full with new memories of times spent with my little loves who inspire me every day to do & be better. We have adventures together, sleep overs & sing songs, much messy cooking, laughter & game playing ❤

Leigh, her niece & five grandkids on the rocky winter beachFor them, in this place that is the home of my heart, I have connected the generations by creating The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Ltd., where we make soaps, skin care & cleaning products that are so pure & gentle we test them on our children! Grandbaby-tested   Nana-approved to help you feel great in your skin . . . 

Why build a company?

Leigh in her natural habitat

As founder of The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Ltd., I am very proud of the natural soaps, skin care & cleaning products we make that really work & help folks feel content. 

I believe every person has a right to feel great in their own skin! After a lifetime of chronic issues caused by synthetic ingredients & growing up with a dad who was even more afflicted by the same things, I was inspired to create simple, gluten-free, nut-free products that were both unscented (guaranteed!) & scented with essential oils.

Sought out by folks suffering from scent and/or chemical sensitivities, these products make a meaningful difference for those who must avoid scent, synthetics, nuts, gluten & latex reactive ingredients.

Together with my incredible team we are growing this business with products folks rely on & trust, while creating jobs & contentment with products designed to help you feel great in your skin!

 Leigh Leigh McFarlane, Founder & CEO, The Soap Company of Nova Scotia Ltd.