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Based on 980 reviews
Love these products!!

Bought the serum, luscious essential face cream and toner. Absolutely lovely. Love the scent and the hydration is real. 😊 Now my favourite product. Went back to buy lip balm, sun protection!

Family Favourite

Acadian Forest laundry powder gets everything clean with a subtle fresh scent. I bought 3 different scents and this is the most popular with my family. It still amazes me how little you need to use to get the job done. Love it!

Probably the best I have ever tried. Very soothing and I recommend this product to anyone that has sensitive skin.


I bought this a while back and after I ran out last time I thought ugh I’ll just get tide when I’m at Costco. Well I’ve learned my lesson and now bought lots of this!! The scent is perfect and not overbearing (unlike tide) and everything just smells clean when I take it out of the dryer (where tides cloying scent lingers for days…gag) plus it is minimally packaged which is better for the environment (definitely better than Tide) but the real win is that is ACTUALLY gets our clothes clean (unlike other natural products I’ve tried). Thank you for this product 😊

Candle ~ Cinnamon
Shawna Banman
Warm and cozy

This candle is best described as warm and cozy. It is the scent of essential oil cinnamon (different than the spice) but I love it. It burns beautifully and its gentle scent invigorates the house. I burn it each morning as I eat breakfast. It is a warm and grounding scent so I will soon put it away until fall and bring out a lighter scent for the warmer months but look forward to bringing it back out in the fall 😊

Skin care

I have very sensitive skin and have a problem with scented products. This cream is the best. One application in the morning and my skin is good all day. No break outs or feeling my skin is dry. Love the scent.

Great product. The only deodorant I will be using

3 x Patchouli 3-in-1
Tammy George
3 in 1

I love it. Whole family uses this soap. I use it for a shampoo. Does not dry my scalp and leaves my hair clean.

Great Soap

Love how it makes my skin feel. No more dry irritated skin. No longer feel the need to use body cream after my shower. Love this soap.

Great product!!!

Gets clothes clean, and I love the scent!!

Deodorant ~ Lavender
Michele Breault
Amazing deodorant!

I'm one of those lucky people that don't need to use deodorant often, but when I do, I preferred to use the 0% aluminum. This cream will last me a long time, so knowing the shelf life would be helpful (unless I missed reading it somewhere). Because it's natural, I'm trying to convince my spouse to switch and try mine. I like it, but she's still not sure... just a little self conscious and worried that it won't last the day.

Great way to try their bar soaps!

Was willing to try them at this price! Definitely figured out which is a favourite, so far, but haven't tried them all yet... sad to see the options are limited right now, but that must mean their are fewer mistakes at production 😆 .

Great to help with my dogs allergies!

There were several reasons I wanted to try this laundry soap, but believe it or not what precipitated the switch was my dog going through a 3-month allergy trigger discovery process. Food? Environmental? Seasonal? All of the above? Since we do towels, bed covers, dog stuffies in dye / scent free name brand laundry soap, I really took a leap of faith to switch to a better product that the whole human and furry family can benefit from... I cannot believe how little product we need to use per load!

5 x Wool Dryer Balls
Michele Breault
Grey dryer balls

After a couple of months of regular use, these wool dryer balls still look like new! No pilling! I use the grey ones specifically for dark loads. When my cream coloured ones (from another company) are on their way out, I will definitely replace them with ones from the Nova Scotia Soap Company.

Laundry soap

I really like this soap. This my second order of laundry soap and it does a really good job of washing the clothes. I will definitely keep ordering this product.

It’s okay

I was surprised at how small the box is……and, I’m a scent lover, so unfortunately the smell is non-existant after the wash…..but I can’t complain about the washing power. It did the job. Just wish I could smell that great Acadia forest scent!!

Essential Oil ~ Lavender
Margaret Rooney
Very nice Lavender oil

I use Lavender oil every day and have tried many different brands. This one has the authentic lavender fragrance. It is so very relaxing and relieves tension headaches when rubbed on the back of the neck.

Cleans laundry and smells great!

I am amazed at how such a little dose does so much cleaning!


Took the stains out of all our shirt collars with only one try!

Works Well for such a small dose

Works great and smells wonderful and only requires a tablespoon!

Patchouli !

I just love the patchouli lotion, once you smooth it on, it’s make your skin so soft. I love the smell of patchouli.
Thank you !

Acadian Forest Deodorant

Unfortunately, this deodorant dried out my skin under my armpits and it made them red and sore. I did only put a little on. After about 3 or 4 days of using it, I couldn't use it anymore. However, for those days I did have it on I didn't smell funny all day. Haha.

Bit disappointing

Did not produce totally clean laundry

Best ever

I bought a lot of laundry soap and this is the best ever. My laundry is clean and white 👍🏻👍🏻