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Essential Oil ~ Patchouli (Be Mine)

Face & Body Lotion ~ Patchouli

I bought one to try it. I will buy more.

My fave scent. Absorbs nicely.

No mess no fuss

I’ve been using this laundry soap for over a year. I keep it in a glass jar on my washing machine. It’s not messy or doesn’t require a large storage space. I use 1-2 teaspoonfuls per load, and it cleans the clothes. Bonus is that it doesn’t mean I’m sending large plastic bottles to the landfill. And no microplastics in our water supply.

I LOVE the smell...

The face and body lotion is light, non greasy and I love the smell. Patchouli


I ordered and received my soap in no time!
Your web site is easily navigated and answered all my questions without me having to ask.
My soap is all that it's advertised to be and more.
It's gentle, lasts and smells amazing.
I have shared my experience with others and will order again.
Thank you!!

Best Dog Shampoo

My DIL is a dog sitter/walker and loves this soap for all her dogs, even ones with sensitive skin. Says it's the best dog shampoo she's ever used. Gentle, yet cleans beautifully and leaves fur super silky.

Woodsy Scent is like a walk in the forest

I love the earthy, fresh smell of the woods and now I can fill the shower with delicate smell. I love how little I need to use and how the ingredients are so simple. I have not tried it on my hair yet.

Laundry soap - Patchouli

I really like the natural scent of this laundry detergent - it's just enough and doesn't overwhelm. I appreciate that this product is natural, no chemicals and no plastic! I will be buying again and recommending to friends.

Every Christmas my mom would get a container of hard candy, and this candle smells exactly like it. The clove was always the dominant scent, just like with the candle, and was my mom's favourite. It's like the scent of Christmas past.

3 x Patchouli Soap
Cathy Gaillard
Love it!!! Patchouli is the very best

Face cream, body lotion, soap and deodorant all wonderful products no more rashes or redness on me and surrounded by the fragrance of patchouli I’m in skin care heaven. Then I get to use towels and sleep on sheets that are so soft and smell beautifully of patchouli because I also got patchouli laundry soap… life could not be any better! Thank you for your wonderful products and for your fragrances. Patchouli was becoming so hard to find especially in Canada but I’m glad to see you’re still producing patchouli scented products. They’re fantastic please don’t ever stop.

love this product!

This laundry detergent is wonderful - it smells lovely, does an excellent job on cleaning clothes, and is 100% safe for the environment. No need to spend lots of money on heavily perfumed detergents and bulky containers anymore!

Best Soap Ever

It’s the soap that does it all! Nice rich lather, pleasant mild scent, gentle on the skin and hair. Love that we’re done with plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles. I believe my hair is healthier and more lustrous without either of those.
Santa will be stuffing a bar in each stocking this year. I’m expecting more converts to this great product.

I love everything about it

I LOVE how little packaging is used. I LOVE how a little goes a long way. I LOVE the Acadian Forest natural scent. I LOVE how it cleans my clothes without harsh chemicals.

It smells like candy canes

I love the way my house smells when I diffuse this peppermint. It not only smells like candy canes but it make the air so fresh and clean. I also will add a drop to my scarf or the palms of my hands and breathe it in to clear my sinus.

Cocoa butter moisturizer bar

After using, felt clean and fresh.

Laundry powder

Great product. Laundry smells clean.

2.5 kg citrus laundry soap

I love this laundry soap so much, I bought two during the Black Friday special. One for myself and another for my son and girlfriend as a Xmas gift for them to try out. I’m sure they will love it.

3-in-1 Minis ~ Shipping Included

Great products!

As a family of four with sensitive skin, we're always on the lookout for gentle and effective cleansing products. Our recent discovery of The Soap Company of Nova Scotia has been a game-changer. We've tried their Mini Unscented 3-in-1 Shampoo + Shave + Soap, the Mini Honey & Oatmeal Face & Body Soap, and the Unscented Laundry Powder, and we're thoroughly impressed. Their products are gentle, effective, and made with natural ingredients that we feel good about using on our skin. We highly recommend them to anyone with sensitive skin or allergies, or those who value vegan and plastic-free products.

Face & Body Lotion ~ Unscented


Recently bought this for my preemie newborn, my husband and I absolutely love this bum balm. A little does go a long way and we’re SO happy we were able to find a clean alternative to the commercial diaper creams on the market. Thank you Nana Leigh!

A great way to try out the scents. Loved them all and have already put in an order for more.

They have no scent!
Not very impressed.