2.5 kg Lavender (up to 535 loads) Laundry Powder

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Nicola Paul
Loving laundry

we purchased a bulk bag of Lavender, & a smaller of the Citrus , we are still using our old 1972 washer & this stuff busts the dirt out with such a small amount what a money saver !!!! They both smell wonderful & don't irritate my psoriasis at all , so happy to have found this company

Eva K.
Love it!

Love your powders, simple packaging and the fact that you are located in NS. Triple goodness for the nature.

Hey Eva

Thank you for your wonderful review! We love that you love our products!
Offering a bulk purchasing option helps the cost and the enviroment!

Check your email for a coupon code from us as thanks
Be well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team

Mel R
Just clean laundry !

The lavender laundry soap smells beautiful - both in the container, and throughout the wash process. The scent doesn't last past the washing machine though- when I pull my laundry out, it is completely scent free. This laundry detergent effectively removes yucky smells from my laundry, without just "covering" them. The laundry emerges looking clean also - the soap effectively removes dirt, sweat, even blood! I have an he machine, and so I only need to use 1 TEASPOON of detergent per load. This 2.5 kg bag of laundry detergent is going to last me a long, long time! I would advise having a container ready to store your laundry soap in - it arrives in a bag (hooray for limited packaging) and so putting it in a container is a must to preserve the beautiful scent.
I'm really, really happy with this detergent- next time I'll be trying the patchouli scent and I really can't wait.

Terrific product, terrific company

The best review I can give is that it works. You barely use any powder and it works. Whether my laundry is lightly or heavily soiled, whether it's dark colours or white/light colours, my clothes come out clean. Several years ago, I switched from a liquid, "free" product from a major brand label and haven't looked back. The Soap Company of Nova Scotia laundry powder gets the job done. Not only that, I get to support a Canadian business (local to me here in Atlantic Canada) created and run by a woman entrepreneur.

Smells relaxing

I love it. It smells good. I have a very sensitive skin I noticed since I use it I don't get rashes. I am sure it will last me for awhile because I ordered 2.5kg. I am ordering again when it's done. Thank you.