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12 x Acadian Forest 3-in-1

Love this soap.

Very Great-full

Your products are great and customer service is exceptional. Thank you very much.


What an unusual and pleasant scent! I love the large size of the bottle and use it on dryer balls as well as in my diffuser. Going to try the Be Mine soap next!

I am looking forward to use it it for smores

Love it! Less plastic waste and supporting Canadians

Shipping was fast, I am happy to support a Canadian Company. My laundry has come out clean and I am a satusfied customer. I would buy again!

Love it!

I have been using this laundry powder for 5 years and I love it. I buy the lavender scented because I love lavender. It’s gentle , doesn’t leave a scent on my clothes, but it sure smells great when I open the bag to get a scoop for the washer. I recommend this laundry powder. Absolutely!

Does it All

I wil be a regular user of the Nova Scotia Soap Company's laundry detergent. My clothes come out clean and fresh and I feel it does a better job than any others that I have used with just a minimal amount of this product.

I love the mild scent and the way it cleans my clothes. I will definitely be ordering this and other products from here in the future.

I love the way it smells, and it just makes my soup happy to be using it lol

Great laundry soap

Love the mild scent and the cleanliness of clothes using a minimal amount of detergent. Great product!

Love Patchouli

Never smelled Patchouli before I bought this scent in the laundry soap from the Soap Company. I love the scent which is very light on the clothes and they are so clean and fresh coming out of the washer. I will always have a box of the Patchouli laundry soap in my laundry room.

Patchouli sample pack

Love patchouli!!! I personally do not find it too strong or overpowering. Love it. Sample size is a perfect way to try it. Thank you


Love the citrus products. Laundry comes out so clean & fresh smelling. Sent packages to family members to try. Price & packaging is great for all natural!!

Best laundry soap!

I've been using this laundry soap for years and love it! I can't use fragrance or perfumes so the wonderful, natural scent of the essential oils are perfect!

I enjoy the patchouli scent however I enjoy the scent of the patchouli in the washing machine soap better. I really love the washing machine soap!

Amazing Soap

The unscented laundry powder was amazing to use. Only a small amount is required and I love the option of not having a smell on my laundry. I suffer from allergies and some days, I cannot tolerate smells. I would highly recommend the Laundry Powder Unscented.

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Oh the smell, how long they last best soap ever!
And made in Canada!!!!

Best smell!

I have problems with perfumes but this patchouli is delightful!

3 x Lemon Scrub Soap
Joan Marzoff

I just love the smell of this soap and it makes you feel very clean.

Acadian forest

A nice scent for winter. Very fresh.

Mini ~ Stain Remover ~ Unscented

Given to family members as stocking suffers.