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Soap Saver Bag

OMG...who knew such a small pouch, can hold all the little pieces of soap together, or slip your favorite soap bar in. Perfect addition to my shower routine! Lather and scrub 💜

Great product!!

First of all, I have to say how great my laundry room smells and it also trickles up this stairs to the upper level. That's what I enjoy the most so far hehe It also seems to be working great in the laundry and not leaving residue on the clothes. I was hesitant to use a powder after using a liquid for so many years. I feel so old school using the powder but love that we can better manage how much we are using. My two teenage boys always seem to dump so much liquid in and they seem to be using this a little better.

Just perfect!!

I just received my first bottle and a little bit goes a long way! The scent is just perfect! It's not overpowering. The oil doesn't stay too oily and I found my skin loved it. I would highly recommend this body oil!!

Candy Cane Soap
Linda Wellon

Great product!

I love the smell

I love the smell of this soap! It makes my laundry room, my clothes and my house smell clean!
This soap works amazingly and doesn’t leave a white residue on my clothes.
I will definitely continue to purchase!!

Laundry heaven

I just received my second box of soap - we LOVE it. Buying the huge box is a bit pricey initially, but one box lasts us a very long time. Our family includes 2 humans, and 9 show dogs (now retired). This product is so wonderful, it never causes any allergic issues at all. The scent lasts forever in a sealed container.
We love the scent, as in really love it!!!

Great so far

Have done about 10 loads of laundry so far and no complaints. Clothes smell clean and fresh (my whole laundry room smells fantastic). Can’t comment on the long term effects on fabric yet as it’s only been a week or so. And I can’t comment on stain removal as I haven’t had any stains to remove. Will update once I have more experience

Bath Bomb ~ Coconut
Wendy Wilson
Great product!

These will definitely be included in my next order. The scent is mild and my skin felt so soft after using this product.

Love this product

I have used many cruelty free deodorants. They don't usually work very well. This product has worked very well for me. I love the ingredient's and the fact that it is scent free.

Excellent quality

Excellent quality and very relaxing! Great addition to my bath time.

Cute and practicial

I love this, it looks very nice in my car. The magnet holds well.

Very pleased

Nice product, with no scent. I am very pleased and will buy it again.

Peppermint Candle

I have had a few candles that were labelled peppermint but the scent was faint. This one has a nice pleasant aroma.

Laundry powder - patchouli & citrus

Blown away by this product! Effectively cleans a load of laundry with a crazy small amount of powder and amazed how soft the laundry was just removing from the washer. Looking forward to future purchases!

Deodorant ~ Patchouli
Louisa Zwicker
Patchouli Deodorant

After trying many natural deodorants, finally found one that is 100% effective. No residue. A little goes a long way and love the light scent.

3 x Wool Dryer Balls
Louisa Zwicker
Dryer Balls/Essential Oil

Love these dryer balls! Helped speed drying process, no static and adding a few drops of your patchouli essential oil left a pleasant light scent on the laundry.

5 x Wool Dryer Balls
Helen Robinson
Wonderful Dryer Balls!

These dryer balls are great. Much lager than the ones I have already and really help with decreasing static and drying time!

A great alternative to regular non recyclable products

I love this concept and the cute little bamboo floss dispenser. I find the floss a bit thick and I have trouble getting it between some of my teeth.

5 x Wool Dryer Balls
Elizabeth Lix
Wool dryer balls

They are great for reducing static on laundry in the dryer. They also help lay dry dry faster!

Mini ~ Cocoa Butter Soap
Christie Wilson

I gave it away as a Christmas.

Hand Fixer

This does not feel like most hand lotions because it is different. It heals and protects while softening.

Great Soap

I had been looking for a more green laundry soap. I had swapped to laundry sheets for a while, but had learned that they had microplastics in them, ahhh! This company offers a soap that cleans well, and also smells divine. It can be smelled from the clothes, but isn't overly fragrant like standard laundry detergents. It disolves well and I like it. You use so little, this will last me a while! I do wish it was sold in retail locations though, if there was a way to share where it's sold that would be fantastic. I saw it once at Noggin's farm, however that's far from me and the shipping was a little steep.

Acadian Forest Deodorant

I really like this product. Just wish the scent was a bit stronger!

I like it quote a bit though I find the scent a bit too mild. Maybe I got an old batch and the essential oils have dissipated??

Excellent results

I switched from strips and I’m never going back. My clothes came out cleaner than ever before - love this soap.