3 x Laundry Powder ~ Citrus (up to 203 loads)

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very happy

I finally tried this detergent and so far am very happy with the results. Only a small amount of powder needed - had my doubts that it would clean so well but it actually does! There is no scent after laundry is done, but the smell of it is wonderful as you add it to the laundry. Will definitely be buying again.

Hello Irene

We are so glad our Laundry Powder is exceeding your expcations! If you want the scent to be on your clothes, we suggest dryer balls with our Citrus Essential Oil on them. :)

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Be well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team

Patti Sample
Citrus Laundry Soap

After trying sample packs and getting questions answered I placed an order. I love this product, low to no suds, no fabric softener, no static in dryer and soft clothes.

Hey Patti!

We are happy to know our sample pack worked out for you and that you liked them enough to purchase again!

Thanks so much for trying and supporting us

Be well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team

S. Anderson and Jay B
Fantastic local product

We bought the citrus laundry powder (950gr box) and after a couple of loads, we have been very happy with the results. We have a high efficiency washer and as we only need to use 1-2 tsp per load, the 950gr box will last us at least a full year. I dissolved the powder first in warm water before putting it in the soap tray. Not sure if this step was necessary but it worked well and our clothes were certainly clean after the wash cycle. We have also already bought some laundry powder for our kids who are away at University. Finally, it is fantastic to have our laundry powder in a compostable cardboard box and to say good-bye to plastic bottles.


Our laundry is magical! A little goes a very long way!! Your idea to mix with warm water first is brilliant, so happy it works for you!

Be well

Rita Fowler
Citrus Laundry Powder

I love this product! It’s so easy to use, smells great and does a great job on laundry. When I mentioned this to my daughter, she waited for your Black Friday sale and bought the 2.5kg bag. It ended up being one of the Xmas gifts she gave me. I was OK with that. ❤️

Hi Rita!

Thanks so much for your lovely words! What a great gifting idea from your daughter!
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Megan & The Soap Pro Team

Heather Burlingham

Haven't used it yet

Hello Heather!

Thank you for trying our laundry powder! I hope when you do get a chance to use it, you enjoy it as much as we do

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Be well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team