3 x Laundry Powder ~ Lavender (up to 203 loads)

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Tara Quinn
Keeps up with my busy boys

I have 3 boys under the age of 5. They love mud, painting, eating messy, and playing sports. Our laundry is often visably dirty. This laundry powder cleans everything. I am very impressed. And I also appreciate that it's a local company, much better for the environment, and one small box lasts a really long time. Couldn't be happier!


I wish I could explain what a smile your review brought to my face <3 At one point we had 4 children 6 and under... busy (and messy) times for sure! Thank you for sharing your experience with our laundry powder. We're grateful you found us!

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Anna & The Soap Pro Team


Excellent product. Will buy again.

Great product

I was a little skeptical using the small amount recommended but honestly everything came out clean just fine. It's going to last forever at this rate!

Heyah Sheilagh

We like when we can turn a skeptic into a believer ;) It truly is magic how little you need!

Be well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team

Awesome product.

Having recently found this gem of a company, will be purchasing again. I have only washed 5 loads of clothes so far using the laundry soap. But I am very pleased and yes, hard to believe you only need 1 tablespoon soap for a full load. Highly recommend.

Hey Rose Ann

We like to call our laundry powder magic because such a little bit does such amazing things!!
So happy to hear its doing its magic for you too!

Be Well

Great value- the best laundry soap

Family of 5, lots of laundry with kids. I love how well this detergent works. The largest bulk size lasts my family a year. (We do a large amount of laundry). Zero waste. So awesome! Works for all types of loads and does not bother my family's sensitive skin. Highly recommend!

Hello Sandra!

Wow- how lovely to hear our product works for your lovely and large family! We believe everyone should feel great in their skin.
The Bulk option is so great!! You only have to buy laundry soap once a year!!

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Megan & The Soap Pro Team