3 x Laundry Powder ~ Unscented (up to 203 loads)

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Amazing Soap

The unscented laundry powder was amazing to use. Only a small amount is required and I love the option of not having a smell on my laundry. I suffer from allergies and some days, I cannot tolerate smells. I would highly recommend the Laundry Powder Unscented.

Michele Breault
Great to help with my dogs allergies!

There were several reasons I wanted to try this laundry soap, but believe it or not what precipitated the switch was my dog going through a 3-month allergy trigger discovery process. Food? Environmental? Seasonal? All of the above? Since we do towels, bed covers, dog stuffies in dye / scent free name brand laundry soap, I really took a leap of faith to switch to a better product that the whole human and furry family can benefit from... I cannot believe how little product we need to use per load!

Alice Law
Effective, economical, non-reacting: I love it

I have several pets in my care, including 2 incontinent special needs animals and cats that, well, love to leave presents around the house. Needless to say, I do A LOT of laundry. I have many sensitivities, and my animals do too, and it's hard to find a cost effective laundry soap that washes thoroughly and isn't hard on the budget. This stuff is fabulous. Not only is it a great price, but I only need a little bit for each load, and it cleans everything so well. You wouldn't know how dirty everything was before I tossed it into the machine. Everything comes out smelling clean, just fabric, no chemical detergent smells and nothing that triggers my sensitivities. And I feel safe knowing my fur babies are safely blanketed in non-toxic fabrics too.

Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a fantastic review. We are thrilled to hear that our laundry powder has been effective and gentle for you and your furry friends. We understand the struggles of finding a budget-friendly and non-toxic laundry soap, and we are happy to provide a solution for you. We appreciate your support and loyalty.
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Megan & The Soap Pro Team

Audrey Welk
Really Nice Laundry Soap

After a big name brand stopped making my usual unscented powdered laundry soap, I started looking for a replacement. I prefer powder to liquid. I found The Nova Scotia soap company and decided to try it after reading scads of great reviews. I was skeptical as well with using so little soap (2 tbsp for a large load). It doesn't suds up like my former brand, but I put my hand in the washing water and it was slippery with soap feel. The results are fabulous. I had outdoor painting drop clothes that were very soiled and they came out nice and clean (it didn't remove the spilled paint obviously!). Clothes are very clean also and it will be super economical to use. Will get 101 loads for less cost than my former brand gave me 80 loads. Very happy with this product and it's made in Canada! Shipping to BC was quick too. Thank you Soap Company of Nova Scotia!

Hey Audrey!

We often tell people not to be alarmed when there is no suds- or rather- throw the powder in, shut the lid and walk away! haha. We are glad its working well for you AND saving you money that seems like a Win/Win to me!!

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Be well,
Megan & The Soap Pro Team

Louise Richard
laundry powder soap

I have just started using this laundry soap for the past 2 weeks, I am extremely pleased with how white my husband's undershirts come out of the wash. I use only the 1tsp. per load. I am very pleased with this product and when I have used it for a longer period will review again to let you know if my skin condition is improving, it seems promising at this writing. Thank you for a great product!


It’s lovely to hear that our Laundry Detergent is working well for you! We are all hoping it helps with your skin condition! Everyone deserves to feel great in their skin!

It’s our pleasure to create these products for all out customers—- thank you for using our products!!

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