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george laing
Peppermint Soap

I happened to come across a peppermint soap in a farm market. I said to my wife I like this smell. She chuckled and said I would never use it so why bother. I commented on if she was getting the patchouli soap I'll try this peppermint one and even if I don't use it no harm done, it's just one bar. So after a while I did try it. I'm here to tell you I completely love this soap and haven't used any our soap since. I have ordered more and will continue to use this soap. I will try other Soap Company of NS soaps but I'm hooked on the peppermint and wife loves the patchouli products. Even using the patchouli laundry soap. The products of the SC of NS are top notch and I highly recommend their products to everyone without even talking about the health and quality side of the products

Hey George

Wow! We are speechless with your wonderful review!! We truly believe everyone deserves to feel great in their skin- husbands included ;) Thank you for recommending our products to your circle of people! We are so thrilled to have you as part of our Soapy Family :)

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Be well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team

hubby approved!

I tried it after hubby thought it was the only soap he'd every used on his hair without drying effects. Nice delicate scent, very mild abrasive texture, no significant drying effect even using it on my face (for sunscreen removal). Very delicate and can't be left sitting in water. Have ordered more for bday for hubby!

Hello Sarah

Thanks for your review and your observation of not leaving the soap in the water! It’s a very useful point to make! Glad to know it helps you both feel great in your skin

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Be well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team

Karen Varnell

Could have a stronger scent. Breaks down underneath when sitting for a couple of days. Nice lather.