5 x Wool Dryer Balls

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Dryer Balls

I’ve been slowly making the switch to using less chemicals, I’ve heard laundry dryer sheets are one of the worst! Great to have a product that works and is good for us and the environment. Put a few drops of essential oils and voila your laundry comes out smelling good! (If your looking for a scent)


Dryer sheets are terrible for chemicals and for our landfills. Dryer balls not only elminate that problem but also cut down on drying time too! Its a Win-Win-Win!
Be well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team

Helen Robinson
Wonderful Dryer Balls!

These dryer balls are great. Much lager than the ones I have already and really help with decreasing static and drying time!

Elizabeth Lix
Wool dryer balls

They are great for reducing static on laundry in the dryer. They also help lay dry dry faster!

Barbara Fotherby
great dryer balls

Dryer Balls really do keep the sheets separated so everything in the dryer dries without getting looped into the sheets. These are a great product.

Patricia Horton
Large wool dryer balls

These large dryer balls work great at keeping static away and reducing drying time. Your commercial about juggling them makes me laugh because my Golden would be eagerly waiting for any that drop and then the chase would begin, Haha.