Brick ~ Stain Remover ~ Unscented

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Louise Richard
Stain remover hand laundry dishes soap

does a nice job with removing stains on clothes, doing dishes with this hand soap is a different experience than I'm used to so a learning curve is needed here but I must say that the dishes are well washed and have no soap taste, Yay! This soap does not irritate my hands.

Heya Louise,

That your hands are not irritated by our Stain Bar!
As for the learning curve, hope you made it to the top of the mountain and found your method!

Be Well

S. Anderson and Jay B
Stain remover bar gets out stubborn stains

I had an opportunity to really test this stain remover when my daughter brought me her white sweatpants with a blood stain. I am happy to say that the stain remover got the blood stain out easily much to her surprise. With a busy family of 5 plus 2 cats and a kitten, we have lots of times when a good stain remover bar is essential!

Hey !

We are so glad that the Stain Bar helped out with your messy situation and that you have it on hand for any further needs!

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Laura Ferguson
Fabulous Stain Remover

After trying our this special soap, I purchased one for my four daughters. We all love this
Product because it works!

Hello Laura!

I’m so glad you like our Stain Remover enough to share the love with your daughters and you all love it!
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Megan & The Soap Pro Team

Nancy Mc Quade
I call it "My Magic Soap" !

I originally purchased this soap as shampoo to use when I knew I was going to spend time with my brother who suffers from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). As a Mum of 4, I quickly realised it's stain-removing super powers because I grabbed it to save more than one favourite shirt after grease and spaghetti sauce was splashed by mistake. Now that it's packaged as Stain Remover I still buy it for that purpose because nothing else I have ever tried works as well. Also, I love supporting local small businesses.

Hi Nancy

Thank you so much for your kind words and your support. Isn’t it wonderful when a product you love works for so many different things?!

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Be well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team

Chantal Poitras
A absolute must to every family

I have placed an order of a few different kind of product, knowing the stain soap is an absolute must to rub even the wordst stain off, cause I had a bar for the last year and a half, and seing it shrink use after use, i knew i needed to order more, got some for my friends and family! The wonky bars we totally loved them also, leaves our skin so soft, and having a sensitive skin family, this soap impressed us all!
The essential oil, for a foot rub, is so soothing, and smells amazing, also tried the deodorant, also amazing!! I have not found one product that didn’t deliver its purpose! Will order again its guaranteed!

Good Afternoon Chantal,

Thank you for your reviews and the trust you've placed in our company and products <3

By sharing our products with friends and family you are officially a Soap Star! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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