Bulk Unscented Soak Base (2.5 kg)

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Spencer Collier-Jarvis
Not Zero Waste

Love the products from The Soap Company of Nova Scotia, and as a person who tries to reduce waste (especially plastic waste) I was excited to see a 'zero-waste' option come online. Instead what I got was a package with 4 items all individually wrapped in plastic (some things double layered).

As an added frustration, you will then receive a near daily request to review products.

TL:DR Products are great, but their version of zero-waste is wrong

Good afternoon Spencer,

First - I am very sorry for the delay in replying to your review. It came in shortly before our fire and we are just catching up now on replies to reviews. The fact that you took the time to share your thoughts is not lost on us <3 Thank you <3

We are constantly striving to offer lower waste and zero waste options. For us, that means any plastic used is at the very least recyclable.

Over the past year we have made major strides. To name a few - many of our products now come in plastic free boxes that are printed with vegetable ink - so they are both compostable and recyclable. We use glass for our candles and essential oils (and stay tuned for updates about our lotion and head to toe oils). Our laundry powder and soaks are no longer in kraft bags (which were lined with an adhered plastic so could not be recycled or composted). We are not stopping here and will continue to improve.

Based on your feedback we have moved away from the wording zero waste and are using bulk instead. We also looked into daily requests to review - we changed apps and are still learning <3 We believe we have it sorted so only 1 request to review goes out, we are looking to our customers to let us know if that’s not the case <3

Hope you have been well this past year and a bit,

Thank you for helping us be better!

Please check your email for a coupon code to thank you for your review.

Be well,

Anna & The Soap Pro Team