Face & Body Lotion ~ Patchouli

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Face & Body Lotion/Patchouli

I ordered this as an extra from the patchouli set I bought since the oil was nice. I wasn't that impressed with the lotion. First, the pump didn't work and that is frustrating. After showering, I shook out some lotion in my hand and rubbed it on my arm. The lotion is hard to rub in. It takes sometime for it to no longer be visible on the skin. This too is frustrating. The next time, I thought I'd use the oil first and the lotion on top of it, thinking it would melt in with the oil. However it did not. Again, frustrating. I've decided to not use the lotion at all from now on, just the body oil.

Jacqui Lacombe
Soap Company of Nova Scotia

Love, love their products! I’m very partial to Patchouli. I’m using all the patchouli products including the deodorant and I smell wonderful! My friends have asked me for the company info so that they can get their own products. The only thing missing for me would be a Patchouli candle. Thank you for your products, ordered twice and will definitely keep ordering.

Donna Arsenault
Face and body lotion

I love it. I've had lots of compliments about it. I've been asked many times what I'm wearing.

Hello Donna

We are happy to hear that our Patchouli Face & Body Lotion is making you feel great in your skin and getting you lots of compliments!

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Be well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team

Sharon Cotroneo
Patchouli face and body.

Love this lotion. Smells fantastic! Great service from this company.

Hey Sharon,

We are thrilled you love our lotion & helps you feel great in your skin! It's our great customers that allow us to great service!!

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Megan & The Soap Pro Team


What a great product! I just love the way it makes my skin feel and the scent is off the charts!

Wow Elayne!

Thank you so much for your wonderful words!
We love helping people feel great in their skin :)

Be Well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team