Laundry Powder ~ Acadian Forest (up to 64 loads)

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Nancy Burgey
It’s okay

I was surprised at how small the box is……and, I’m a scent lover, so unfortunately the smell is non-existant after the wash…..but I can’t complain about the washing power. It did the job. Just wish I could smell that great Acadia forest scent!!

Marg Shinness
Refreshing Scent

i was very pleased with the box i received. It has a nice refreshing scent and so far has helped my clothes come out cleaner.

Hello Marg!

So glad you are enjoying our Lavender Laundry Powder! Thank you so much for being an amazing Soap Star and giving us a 5 Star Review:)
Be well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team

Excellent product

I was on the fence about buying laundry soap that isn't marketed as "tough on stains and grease" etc as my clothes are filthy and I work in barns blacksmithing. Boy am I glad I tried this. Cleans so effectively , smells amazing and I don't have to worry about my detergent giving me cancer anymore. Cannot be happier!

Hey Jaz!

We are so thrilled you tried our Laundry Powder AND love it! We are pretty impressed with how powerful it is

Check your email for a coupon code as thanks for this amazing review.

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Megan & The Soap Pro Team


I ordered citrus laundry detergent and citrus essential oil for my sisters birthday and the same for me but in Acadian Woods scent. This is my first time trying your products. I also ordered the diffuser. I regret getting myself Acadian Woods instead of citrus as I don't like this scent but I know it is personal preference and it gives me a headache. Love the citrus smell though. I snuck a smell of my sister's gift. I got a tiny sample of Acadian Woods deodorant which I was excited to receive because I was interested in the deodorant. Unfortunately, it left my underarms fire red and itchy. Looking at the ingredients, I can only assume it must be those particular oils causing my problem. I am nervous now to use the detergent in the wash in case it causes similar problems. I think they are probably excellent products and may sometime buy the citrus scent hoping maybe the oils in it may be different for me.

Hey Sandra

We are sorry to hear that the Acadian Wood scent and that it caused you some discomfort! The essential oils may not even survive the wash cycle where it is so delicate. I use the Acadian Forest Laundry Powder, and the scent does not last thought wash and dry cycle. Also- we do have unscented deodorant that might work well as well as a sensitive skin!!

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Megan & The Soap Pro Team

Laundry Detergent

Just got my shipment of Laundry detergent from The Soap Company of Nova Scotia plus a bar of stain remover and a free face & body cream.
Total was $105.78
Sounds expensive?

Work it out: laundry det is $45.79 & 13.80 HST x 2 bags that will last me more than a year equals around $10 a month.

Environmentally friendly, only two small clear plastic bags as waste. No chunky plastic bottles to lug or dispose of.
I'm supporting a Local product and don't get rashes or reactions like I do with more traditional detergents.
Highly recommend their products!

Hello Ronna!

Thank you so much for your support and for all that math you did for us!! We are so happy to hear your skin is healthy and happy! We believe that everyone should feel great in their skin :)

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