Laundry Powder ~ Patchouli (up to 203 loads)

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Lori Rothwell
Laundry soap

I just tried the patchouli laundry soap and I absolutely love this product. Clothes came out clean but the best part was no static cling. I fight with static out of the dryer all the time even with dryer balls. When this product told me I didn't have to use fabric softener ever again I wasn't sure, but 5 loads in and no static. I am amazed. I will continue to purchase this item.

Louisa Zwicker
Laundry powder - patchouli & citrus

Blown away by this product! Effectively cleans a load of laundry with a crazy small amount of powder and amazed how soft the laundry was just removing from the washer. Looking forward to future purchases!

Patricia Horton
Great laundry product

Enjoy the scent immensely. My laundry room smells great. The small amount of powder needed does an excellent job of cleaning and freshening the load.

Julie S
Works Great

Used this laundry powder for a load of dog towels after using the pet bar for the first time. The water in my front loader HE machine was filthy as I watched the towels wash. They came out soft, fluffy and with no smell whatsoever. The smell of the powder itself was light and lovely but totally gone post drying.

Hello Julie!

Its amazing how such a little amount of our laundry powder is needed to really clean a load of laundry!! We like to say that the scent is for the laundry experience :)

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Be well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team

Georgina Payzant
Lovely laundry powder

The scent is light and fresh, but this powerful laundry powder really cleans!
The citrus and Acadia forest scents are nice, too, and, of course, work equally well. This is an effective and cost-efficient laundry powder that is welcome in my home.

Hey Georgina!

We are so glad you are loving our Laundry Powder! Its pretty amazing!! The Acadian forest is my favourite scent!
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Be well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team