Lavender Value Combo ++

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Karen Chute
this product is not great for people with MCS

i’m writing to inform people who have multiple chemical sensitivity MCS that this is not a great product. I received it and got pretty sick from just trying out one of the little bars of soap. It smells like tea oil not sure if that’s what it is but everything that came in the package reeked. I thought it was just the packaging, but when I use the soap it blew me away. My bath was full of it. My dog got full of it, I believe the scent is gone now, but I’m not sure about the chemicals because I’ve been very sick for the last few days. if they stored the product away from the scented products then maybe we could use this stuff but as for now it’s not good I wish it was. The stuff in the jars is great. I like the hand stuff, but the stuff that is in cardboard packaging is not great. Thanks but Sorry , wish it was better so we could all use it.

Good afternoon Karen,

Thank you for reaching out with your concerns.

I’d like to share the steps we take to keep unscented items truly unscented ❤

Our items are made in a dedicated unscented space.
Our unscented bars are cured in a dedicated unscented space.
Our packaging and shipping materials are stored in a dedicated unscented fulfillment space.
Our unscented products that are labelled & ready to go to customers are stored in the same dedicated unscented fulfillment space.

We do make a couple products with Tea Tree essential oil, so I took a look at our production logs to see if we had some breakdown in our processes that are designed to meet our commitment of truly unscented products.

Prior to your order the last time we had made anything with tea tree soap was in November 2023. These are all accounted for, so we’re confident they weren’t put in the wrong space (phew! Our safety checks to prevent that are working!).

I’d love to give you a call to better understand what has the smell so we can investigate further, if appropriate & troubleshoot/decide next steps to be sure you’ve got products you can safely use ❤ Please check your email for one from us ❤

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Be well,


Cathy King
Fun and great on skin

It was fun opening the box and seeing all the items I got. Every product is nice too use and feels so good on my skin . No irritation and absorbs in quickly. Smells nice too. Was a nice birthday gift to myself, lol

Hey Cathy

Happy Birthday to you!! We are so happy you enjoyed your goodies and felt pampered on your birthday!

Check your email for a coupon code from us :)

Be well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team