Mini ~ Cocoa Butter Soap

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Christie Wilson

I gave it away as a Christmas.

Jennifer Raska

Cocoa Butter Moisture Bar ~ Essential Oil, No Gluten, No Nuts

Thanks for your review! Cocoa Butter is my personal favourite bar!!

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Be Well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team

Leaves your skin soft

I use the Cocoa Butter Moisture Bar for my face and it leaves it so so soft. I love the smell and how it suds up quickly giving you a good cleanse, rinse and pay dry leaving your skin feeling like silk. I also use it on my tummy because I have pregnancy lines that with Cocoa Butter help to fade these overtime. I'm am definitely getting more because this soap is not only moisturizing but it's all natural which is free from any and all chemicals plus vegan. Highly recommend!!!

Good morning,

Thank you for your review of our Cocoa Butter Moisture Bar! It is one of my personal favourites, too!

In the spirit of transparency - we do use 1 synthetic ingredient (that's it, only 1, in ALLLLLLLLLL of our products!). The 1 synthetic we use is our lye - it's what allows us to turn all the good oils into soap. By the end of the cooking process the lye itself is cooked out <3 We chose synthetic for the lye because in the volumes we need, making it from scratch with wood ash, could potentially be unsafe - both for our team and the end user.

We do have designs to make a limited edition bar with lye from wood ash though, so if interested - stay tuned :)

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Be well,

Anna & the Soap Pro Team

Wonderful Soap!

I LOVE the cocoa butter bar. It leaves my skin feeling great with a light (not over powering) scent. It is packed with amazing ingredients, full of moisture. Doesn't leave any sticky residue like other brands...
This might be my new go-to bar soap! Thank you ❤️

Good afternoon Laura,

Thank you for your review of our Cocoa Butter Moisture Bar :)

Isn't the light vanilla scent under the chocolate delightful?! So rich yet gentle and light at the same time <3 We're so grateful our soap is working well for you, and hope to turn that 'might' into 'is' ;-)

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Be Well,

Anna & the Soap Pro Team

Natasha MacKinnon
Great Wintertime Moisturizing Soap

I have restocked my house with this wonderful moisturizing soap. My family's skin isn't as dry and I find we use less lotion to keep us all glowing and itch-free.

Hello Natasha,,

Thank you for your review of our Cocoa Butter Winter Bar :) We are so grateful you and your family have happier skin with less products! That's a win win to us!

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Be well,
Anna and the Soap Pro Team