Deodorant ~ Unscented

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Great Product!!

I had decided to get away from toxic deodorants and tried your product. I am sold! It works very well and I will be reordering!

Hey Sandy

We are glad we can help you get away from the toxins & that our deodorant is working so well for you!

Check your email for a coupon code as thanks from us!

Be well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team

Rose McClanahan
Great Product

I purchased the Deodorant ~ Unscented for Sensitive Skin for my 89 year old mother as the scented deodorant was dying out her underarms. It is working perfectly on her. It does not dry out her skin and works as deodorant should. It is such a great product.

Hey Rose!

Thanks for being a Soap Star and sharing our products and trusting us with your loved ones skin!

Have an amazing day
Megan & The Soap Pro Team

Stephanie Costain
Love it!

I was doubtful that a natural deodorant would work all day for me, especially an unscented one. To my surprise, I LOVE this product!!! No clumping nor residue. I highly recommend people give it a try.

Hello Stephanie!

We LOVE that you LOVE our product <3. So glad it works well for you and keeps you feeling great in your skin!!

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Be well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team

Workout wear

I am a runner and cross-country skier. And I don't like anti-perspirants. My mom got me a jar of the unscented deodorant to try. It is super stuff. I'm going to order more unscented for myself and try one of the fragrances for my own daughter. A product like this is really hard to find. Thank you, Soap Co !

Hello KP

I’m so glad you found a product that works for your life style and even happier it is one of ours! Our natural deodorant is safe and wonderful for all ages!

Check your email for a coupon code from us :)

Be Well
Megan & The Soap Pro Team

Kim Hobbs
Kim’s order

I absolutely love the lavender deodorant. It does everything I want it to. I haven’t tried the unscented yet but assume it will perform as well.
The face and body cream however is very grainy and chunky. The chunks are difficult to spread, but in the end I like the absorption.

Dear Kim, thank you so much for sharing your observations on our deodorant and cream.

We are so glad the lavender deodorant is working well for you and hopeful the other will be equally as good for you :-)

As to the cream, thank you even more for letting us know how it is. We are going to make sure you get precisely the product you deserve by sending you a replacement. Given that shipping is backed up all over the country we will send it out next week so that it hopefully skips the backlog :-)

We would be most grateful, please, for your help in learning what may have happened. To that end, could you please send the following to
- photo of the cream as close up as possible, please, so we can see the texture
- the two codes on the bottom of the jar

And finally, please check your email for a gift from us to thank you for being a Soap Star :-)

All the best of this season to you and be well.
Leigh & the Soap Pro Team